By building your home in Atlantis Beach, you can secure the ideal coastal lifestyle without the million-dollar budget or becoming stuck in the rent trap. You can have a home in a thriving community, only a few minutes walk from the beach, on a larger block for a lower price than anywhere else in the northern shores of Perth.

Plus, with the northern suburbs becoming more and more accessible with the extension of the Joondalup Train Line and the Mitchell Freeway, land in Two Rocks will only appreciate in the coming years. Therefore, land in this area is an excellent investment for the future, as the Perth population continues to spread out up the coast.

Don’t compromise on value, size, or location. With our best value land for sale and house and land packages, you are getting more for your money in a unique coastal community: more space, more access to the beach, and more opportunity for future

Limited lots are available, with multiple releases to choose from.


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