Summer is well and truly on its way, so now’s the time to shrug off that winter hibernation and get moving!

Why not use the beach as your fitness setting and inspiration?

The ocean views and sea breeze will be sure to keep you motivated and kick start your way to a toned and healthy physique. Here’s three ways to workout at the beach.


HIIT the beach

No, we didn’t spell it wrong, we’re talking about the HIIT workout – HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is a form of cardio done in short, intense bursts. The aim of HIIT is to maximise athletic performance and is great for those seeking to build strength, muscle endurance and lose weight. With HIIT, you complete your moves (‘reps’) generally for 30 seconds or so for 3 rounds, with a 30 second rest after each set.

You can condition your whole body with little equipment, just yourself and a couple of beach towels for balance and markers.

Inchworm push-ups, plank drags, long jumps, mountain climbers – all sounding foreign to you?

Don’t fear, The Body Coach on YouTube has a great 15-minute beach HIIT workout to show you what it’s all about.

Remember: You need to warm up, watch your form, hydrate and fuel up before a HIIT session and make sure you stretch and rest up the following day.


Beach Sprints

Forget what you have been told about running, because beach sprints are best done with bare feet.

What you’ll need to do…

  •         Make a start and finish line in the sand 20-30m apart.
  •         Crouch down and lean forward at the starting line – you’re one of the pro’s now.
  •         Take off! Accelerate with long powerful strides to the finish line.
  •         Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.

Remember: Always warm up before vigorous exercise by preparing your muscles for action. Here are some good warm up exercises to get you started. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and wear a hat and sunscreen.


Yoga in the sand

A beach workout doesn’t have to be all blood, sweat and tears. Yoga is a great way to stretch and get in touch with your body, while working on balance and endurance as well.

Doing Yoga at the beach will not only stretch and tone your body, but soothe your mind with the ocean air and tranquil views.

You don’t need to be a yoga pro to get your flow on at the beach. Bring your mobile phone down to the beach so you can watch Yoga with Adriene’s video and take cues from a pro.


Start your Beach Workout at Atlantis Beach

Whether you’re a fitness newbie, intermediate or gym junkie, these three styles of exercise are sure to keep you moving. Working out at the beach will strengthen your body and your mind. There’s no better time to get moving than right now, and no better setting than a peaceful Two Rocks beach.

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