Two Children Happily Playing With A Beach Ball On Atlantis Beach, Enjoying The Sunny Day By The Sea.

Who doesn’t love a family day out at the beach? Spending a day out in the sun with the ones we love is something everyone can enjoy and it’s a free and fun way to spend quality time with the kids. Children love playing at the beach and paddling in the water, but the fun doesn’t have to end when they finish having a swim. So enjoy some family bonding with our 5 family beach activities for your next day on the shore.

Beach Cricket

Us Aussies don’t like cricket… we love it! You can enjoy this favourite Australian pastime with a cheap plastic cricket set and a tennis ball, which is lighter to throw on the beach than the traditional cricket ball. Just set yourselves up a little away from the crowd so you aren’t tripping over sunbathers trying to catch someone out. This one is great to play with the family pooch too, who will love fetching the ball when you whack some sixes (as long as the beach you’re visiting is dog friendly!).

Fly a Kite

The sea breeze and open air make for the perfect kite flying conditions. The beach is a great place to fly a kite not only because it’s windy, but because there are no obstacles in the kite’s way like electricity poles or trees. Kids love kites, and they’ll love them even more if they make them at home themselves before taking them to the beach. Not only is it a fun, crafty activity to make your own kite, but homemade toys are always just a little bit more special when they get played with. If your family isn’t the crafty sort, you can pick up cheap kites from most retail outlets that have a toy section.

Bocce Ball

Bocce is a great game to play anywhere any time because it’s easy to learn and fun for all ages. The game is simple: a jack is thrown out, and each player has to throw their bocce ball as close as possible to the jack. The person whose bocce ball is the closest once all the balls have been thrown is the winner. If you don’t have a proper bocce ball set, improvise by using a pebbles or shells you find in the sand.

Sand Art

Beach sand is a great medium to unleash your inner artist. All kids enjoy the humble sandcastle, but you can get even more creative with your sand creations. Build a beach-themed sculpture in the sand, like a turtle or fish. Sand can be moulded into so many shapes, so get creative: you can make a “snowman” out of sand, build it into a fort, dig a moat or just draw into it with a stick. You can even decorate your creations with seaweed and shells to give them colour and texture.

One idea to try is dripping castles. Fill a bucket with water and sand, then use a funnel to drip the mixture into the shape of a castle. The dripping wet sand will make your sandcastle look interesting and unique.

For a bit of extra fun, turn your sand art into a friendly competition between family members or tell a story about your sand creations while you build.

Beach Treasure Hunt

Have fun and do your bit to keep the beach beautiful with a seaside treasure hunt. Set a list of “treasures” for the children to find and have small prizes ready for when they complete their list (chocolates or perhaps offer to buy them an ice-cream if they complete their list). You can make the game more environmentally conscious by adding “3 bits of litter” as part of the treasure list. Kids will find the treasure hunt fun and you’ll enjoy an even more beautiful beach as a result.

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