Silhouette Of A Person On Paddle Board With Paddle, Sunset Backdrop.

Western Australia is well known for our world-class beaches. So, why not dive into some water sports this summer?

These beach activities are ideal for all skill levels and will have you standing up, sitting down or exploring under the sea at some of the best water sport locations in and around Two Rocks.

Shipwreck diving at the Gemini Wreck

The Gemini Wreck is an excellent diving site for advanced divers and is easily accessible, being located close by to Mindarie and the Marina. 

Originally one of two steel hopper barges, the two were separated, and the remaining site sold to a local charter boat operator for recreational diving. Lying in 30 metres of water, you’ll see schools of Drummer around the wreck and Crayfish within it.

Check out more details on the dive here. 

Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

For those wanting a relaxing water activity, you’ve got to get yourself a kayak or paddle board.

A kayak paddle on the shallow shores will give you serenity (and an arm work out too!).

Try your luck at a balancing act, with stand-up paddling activities at Mindarie Marina and Yanchep Lagoon. If you prefer to paddle the stiller waters, Two Rocks Marina is a must try. There’s enough space for boating enthusiasts and SUPs to enjoy their respective activities safely.

Beginners can stay within the protection of the marina, while the experienced paddler or kayaker can choose to follow the boats and brave the ocean beyond.

Kite surfing

It’s like skateboarding and flying a kite…but on the water. Catch my drift?

Two Rocks is worthy of some kitesurfing fun with its quiet and pristine beaches. Pinnaroo Point, less than an hour from Two Rocks, is also a prime location for intermediate and expert kiters with plenty of space and great waves. Definitely put this energetic water sport on your list this summer! 

Real surfing

Grab some board wax, a boogie or proper fibreglass board and head down to the beach this summer. Whatever your board of choice, Two Rocks have some gnarly waves waiting for you. Perth’s popular Northern surfing spots include Yanchep, Two Rocks, Ledge Point and Lancelin, with waves a plenty.

Remember to share the waves though!

These northern beaches are great spots for surfers of all abilities. Be sure to check out popular surf breaks Rafts and The Spot, to see where to catch some serious waves when the weather heats up.

Snorkel and Scuba

Want to be one with the sea? You’ll need some accessories like a snorkel, wetsuit and flippers. Choose a solo, self-paced venture, explore with friends or take part in an organised scuba trip. A scuba and snorkel adventure will definitely dazzle your senses this summer.

Yanchep Lagoon’s low waves make for some excellent snorkelling for beginners and experts alike. 

It’s a good idea to get away from the hustle and bustle this summer. At under an hour away from Perth, Two Rocks is a gorgeous family seaside community. Enjoy your summer by the beach with these water sports activities for the kids and the young at heart.

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