A Woman On The Beach With A Crab And Fish, Surrounded By Two Rocks, At Atlantist.

You’ve seen them before. People who appear to live near – or even on – the beach.

They wear wide brimmed hats, sunnies and thongs to the shops. Their skin is healthy and tan in every season. Their hair looks perfectly tousled by some unseen ocean breeze and their faces appear refreshingly calm. The effect is even more obvious when they’re seen next to one of us pale work-a-day types as we make the morning commute together.

Who are these ocean people? And how did they get this way?

Well friends, the answer is simple. They actually do live on the beach.

Now for people in some parts of the world, coastal property is totally unachievable and there’d be no reason to study the habits of these foreign beach folk. They could never be understood.

But for us lucky ducks in WA, beach front land for sale can easily be within reach. For this reason, we should all know what it’s like to be a beach person – and what might happen to you if you move to the coast.


You’ll go outside more often

If you live near the beach, you will inevitably get sucked outside by the constant temptations of the fresh sea breeze.

Don’t worry, your productivity won’t suffer. In fact, you might gain some perspective on how to better solve your problems while on a morning beach walk.

You won’t miss out on news and social media updates either – these are still available out of doors. And if you know other beach people, you may run into them outside, thus freeing up even more time you might have spent chasing a decent conversation through a maze of texts and missed calls.


Most of your clothing will become beachwear

Slowly but surely, all of your sleeves and pant legs will get shorter. In time you may find yourself looking down to see tanned knees and thighs where once they were blinding white. Open toed shoes will start to make sense all the time. The same goes for hats.

Don’t be alarmed – this is just nature taking its course. You’ll still be the same person, you’ll just be adapting to a daily routine that involves more sunshine and relaxation.


You’ll become dissatisfied with boring city scenery

The grays of roads and office buildings, while once familiar, may start to look foreign and vaguely disappointing. Rows of cars, buses and trucks may begin to look unnatural as well.

The sight of the Indian Ocean rising over that last hill as you crest it will start to feel like home.


Buying a boat will sound like a good idea

Be warned, you may want to buy a boat. Prolonged exposure to the ocean could make you actually do it, and then you’ll be forced to take friends and family out to experience the crystalline waters of your new home firsthand.

This slippery slope could also lead to fishing, excessive smiling and wearing of a captain’s hat.


You’ll gain respect for the Ocean’s power

When you have seen the ocean not only in calm weather but also during rough storms, you’ll come to know it deserves great respect. This feeling of connectedness with our blue planet could give more perspective on your life, making old stressors like running out of milk less effective at ruining your day.


Sunscreen will become an important part of your life

Slip, slop slap will become second nature. Be careful or you might catch yourself applying in the wrong situation, such as before entering a movie theatre.

Here are some more sun safety tips that could help you avoid a mishap.


You may become a relaxed person

All things considered, you could be in danger of becoming permanently relaxed. This condition may result in better relationships, longer life, and the general appearance of the beach people described at the beginning of this article.

We’ve explored the science behind this phenomenon here:
3 ways living on the coast can improve your physical and mental health


Beach front land for sale in Atlantis Beach

Knowing all this, if you still feel like considering a move to the coast, you should know there are affordable beachside houses and land available north of Perth.

You could consider Atlantis Beach, for example. Just north of Yanchep, properties here are within easy distance to schools, shops, shopping and transport. But be warned, if you move here, you will almost definitely become a beach person.