A Woman Joyfully Running With A Dog On Atlantis Beach.

Settling into a new home can be seem daunting with so many decisions to make –location, the best plot of land, and the right home to build on it – when it’s a new home in Two Rocks you know you have made the right decision. Becoming a part of this community is something you won’t want to miss out on.

Laid Back Coastal Life Balanced With Every Amenity Needed
You’ve just moved into your new home in Two Rocks, and finally have a minute to take a breather. After the stress and chaos of unpacking has subsided, it’s time to take a walk around this stunning coastal town. You’ll need all sorts of sundries for your new abode, not to mention groceries. Luckily for you, you picked a town that offers everything you could need, and more. Enjoy the sea breeze coming in off The Spot or Derrs, and enjoy getting to know your bustling yet friendly new home. In Two Rocks you’re never far from what you need, but far enough away from the big cities to truly experience calm coastal living.

Once You Meet The Locals, You’ll Be Raring To Become One
Perhaps you’re moving to your new home in Two Rocks from further afield, or perhaps you’ve grown up in the area and are just purchasing your first place. Either way, being a local of this town is an experience you won’t want to miss. There is much momentum in the town for further development and attractions, and yet the acknowledgement that this sliver of life by the sea is something to be protected, and nurtured. With community gatherings meeting often, it won’t take long to get involved.

Get In On The New Wave Of Redevelopment Of This Stunning And Welcoming Hidden Gem
Part of the excitement of a new home in Two Rocks (or anywhere!) is that it’s a new beginning. This is a chance for a new life, lived the way you’ve always dreamed. With the wide array of house plans available from Atlantis Beach, placed on the perfect lot in this secluded and yet lively town, you are sure to find just the right new life for you or your family. Visit our website to find out how to start the rest of your life today!