Group Of Kids Building With Blue Blocks On Grassy Field, Atlantist Two Rocks Nearby.

Playtime blues have taken on a new meaning at Two Rocks Primary School after the arrival of equipment from the US.

The school recently bought two sets of ‘Big Blue Blocks’ from Imagination Playgrounds in New York.

“These outdoor playground resources inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities,” teacher Eliza Yeo said.

“Students can enjoy a wide variety of play, including construction, pretend play, role play and inventing their own games.

“A set for the upper school has been placed in the ship playground and students from year groups 1 to 6 will all have the opportunity to play with the blocks as their year groups rotate through play areas.

“The other set is in the early childhood play area and is being thoroughly enjoyed by our kindergarten and pre-primary students.”

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Original story published in the North Coast Times (16 August 2016) available at…