Grassy Hillside Overlooking Blue Sky And Ocean At Atlantis Beach.

Western Australia is blessed with plentiful sunshine, warm days, and the glorious Indian Ocean ready for a swim when you need to cool off. Life revolves around the beach as you get closer to the coastal areas of WA like Atlantis Beach. Many of these areas boast protected reefs and lagoons that make the water activities safe for swimmers of all levels and are popular holiday destinations, whether it’s just for a weekend getaway or a longer stay.

The Atlantis Beach Life – A Guide To WA’s Best Beaches

Here are five popular beaches in Western Australia that you won’t want to miss.

1.    Shell Beach

You won’t find any beach sand at Shell Beach. This spot is one of only two beaches in the world that were formed from the shells of one species of mollusc. At 110 km long, Shell Beach is a great place for beachcombing, swimming, or just relaxing in the sun.

2.    Turquoise Bay

This is one of the top twenty beaches in the world. Located just off the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef, Turquoise Bay is a top spot for snorkelling. Over 500 different species of fish live in these crystal clear turquoise waters.

3.    Lucky Bay

Luck Bay is Australia’s “whitest beach”. The pure, white sand literally squeaks under foot and hugs the coastline for 5 km. Set against beautiful turquoise waters and spectacular views of the Recherche Archipelago, Lucky Bay is the perfect swimming spot or place to lounge in the sun. The kangaroos agree – you’ll often find them lounging on the beach!

4.    City Beach

Popular, City Beach, is the perfect beach if you can’t leave the city but want a day out on the water. Surf, swim, stroll along the boardwalk, or pack a picnic for a day of fun in the sun at this uncrowded and clean beach.

5.    Cottesloe Beach

Cottosloe Beach is another favourite among Perth residents. It’s convenient to the CBD. It has consistent swell, which makes it popular for surfing, kitesurfing, and body boarding. Snorkelers love the rocks and reefs found along the coastline, and the town is full of shopping, restaurants and pubs, live music, and overnight accommodations.

Do it all at Atlantis Beach

There’s something for everyone at Atlantis Beach!

Two Rocks has family friendly beaches, great fishing, two of Perth’s best surfing beaches – The Spot and Derrs – and even a beach for our four-legged friends. And in the middle of them all, the Two Rocks Marina. From here you can set sail to Rottnest or try your hand at a spot of fishing around the reefs just offshore.

Atlantis Beach is one of the best areas in WA to find a beach that has it all. Reefs and lagoons dot the coastline near Atlantis Beach, making it a safe spot for snorkelers and swimmers of any ability level. Nearby Two Rocks Marina is the perfect spot to pen your boat and fuel up for a day on the water, and surfers love “The Spot”, a popular left breaker with a lot of swell.

There are thousands of miles of coastline in WA. Even if you can’t make it to one of our top picks, you’re certain to find the perfect spot for a day in the water.