Best Coffee Spots Two Rocks

The Best Coffee Spots in Two Rocks

There’s no doubt Two Rocks is developing at an exciting pace, and running parallel to that growth is the coffee culture.

A vital part of our lifestyle in WA is our coffee – we love our coffee! We need our coffee. And we know good coffee when we taste it….but that’s a pandora’s box for another day!

Being a community that values local connections, we go to our local coffee shop for more than just the coffee (although, as established, the coffee is the main thing).

We know our barista, they know us, they know how we have our coffee, we have a chat, catch up with neighbours, meet with friends, and more. It’s our local hub.

Two Rocks is no different and the coffee shops and cafes are an integral part of the community – a place to connect, meet and build our social network.

But importantly, back to the coffee!

Being in Two Rocks for a while now, the team at Atlantis Beach has our own favourite places.

For those visiting, living or thinking of moving into the area, here’s a short guide of our picks.

Orion Café

10 Brazier Rd, Yanchep

Also known as the Yanchep Beach Lagoon Café, this has one of the most incredible views in WA! The café sits between the Lagoon and Fisherman’s Hollow, two gorgeous swimming spots.

Their coffee is excellent and there’s something for everyone – fresh juices, healthy options, indulgent choices, kid friendly – with fast, friendly service.

Another reason to visit Orion is the kids play area. “Ahhhhh”, we hear the parents collectively sigh! This means sitting down for at least a moment, to enjoy your coffee in peace!

A great coastal, friendly vibe.

Neptune’s Café

Unit 6, Two Rocks Shopping Centre, 10 Enterprise Ave, Two Rocks

Don’t let the address fool you, while it sounds like a ‘shopping centre café’, remember, this is Two Rocks so it comes with a stunning view!

At this family owned and operated café you can dine with the God of the Sea himself, being located right next to the iconic King Neptune statue (as the name suggests!).

The menu is simple, traditional and meets your expectations.

Great coffee, friendly staff, value for money.

Definitely worth a visit when you pop to the shops.

The Oven Door Bakery and Café

20 Enterprise Ave, Two Rocks

Wherever you go in WA, you can’t leave without a trip to the local bakery – and this one is sure to please!

The Oven Door has great quality home-made bites that you’d expect from a good bakery, as well as their indulgent Ferrero Rocher creations, which you should not look past! Next. Level.

Selling lovely loaves, this is a great excuse to grab a coffee and a treat as part of your weekly ritual.

Atlantis Beach at Two Rocks

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It’s a growing, thriving community within a few minutes’ walk from the beach and evolving amenity – land in this area is an excellent investment for the future, as the Perth population continues to spread out up the coast.

At Atlantis Beach, you can build your home without compromise on value, size, or location.

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