A Man Fishing On The Beach With Atlantist Two Rocks Visible In The Distance.

Want to get stuck into some fishing north of the river? Perth’s northern corridor is peppered with some great spots. Skippy, Herring, Tailor, maybe even a massive Dhufish – here is our list of the best spots to get something on the hook near Two Rocks.

Two Rocks Marina

The beautiful marina at Two Rocks is a good spot to target Skippy, Herring and Tailor. Drop a line right off the docks or jetty and see what you can find. Shove off in a boat, and you’ll find much more offshore.

Beaches North of Two Rocks

The area north of Two Rocks contains some 4wd tracks that allow fishers to move up and down the coast. Look for patches of reef where you can fish Tailor with metal slugs, poppers and shallow lures. Dawn and dusk are the best times to fish Tailor – especially when the tide is coming in.

Beaches South of Two Rocks

A lengthy stretch of beach extends to the south of Two Rocks. Fishing here is similar to the northern beaches. Scattered throughout these beaches are reefs and gutters that produce well.

Dhufish in Two Rocks

In most areas of Perth, you need a boat in order to reel in a Dhufish. But at Two Rocks, you can fish them right from the beach. And, as we mentioned earlier, Dhufish are even easier to find in a boat, just offshore near Two Rocks.

Yanchep Lagoon

A few more minutes south, you’ll find Tailor, Herring and Whiting at Yanchep Lagoon. This is a favourite spot – not just for fishing, but for family fun and swimming as well.

Happy Fishing!

If you love to drop a line, you’d be jealous of the locals here at Atlantis Beach. Every home in our coastal village is moments from the Marina and all these top fishing spots.

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