Scenic View Of Grass-Covered Sand Dunes At Atlantis Beach.

When the going gets cold, do the cold stop going to the beach? Well, they shouldn’t! The sand and surf have plenty to offer all year round. Locals here in Atlantis Beach know this already, but for those of you going stir crazy and dreaming of a trip to the coast, here are a few reasons to get off the couch and make it happen today!

Ball Games on the Beach

Footy, soccer, cricket, volleyball – the world is your oyster! Just because it’s not the height of summer doesn’t mean the beach isn’t a great place to play. And because the sun isn’t so blazing hot, you’ll be more likely to last a full game.


Two Rocks is known for its fishing spots. Drop a line off the marina, or bring one to the beach and do some ocean fishing. If you’ve got a boat, you probably don’t need reminding that you can rug up and shove off for some winter angling! Come in for a hot coffee or cocoa at the marina shopping centre after to warm up and celebrate your catch.

Winter Surfing

If you can brave the grey skies, winter is actually the best time to surf! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the winter waves are worth it.

Did you know the water temperature at Perth metropolitan beaches remains pretty constant all year round? It’s 18 – 19 degrees celsius, so even though you might think winter water is colder… it’s not.

So suit up with a full-length wetsuit, bring warm clothes and extra towels for afterwards, and hit the waves.


Who said sand sculpting was a summer sport? Bring the kids and start constructing. As an added bonus, you’ll probably have more space to work with as the beach won’t be as busy during winter months.

Exercise, Running, Yoga & Stretching

Instead of using winter as an excuse to loaf around, use it as the perfect opportunity to work out at the beach! You bring your running shoes, yoga mat, or weights, and the winter air will keep you cool no matter how hard you’re going for it.

Let’s Make it Happen!

What are you waiting for? The beach is calling – answer it! Why not pop on up to Atlantis Beach in Two Rocks? Don’t give yourself cabin fever this season, put on a jumper and get moving.