A House And Land With Two Rocks In The Foreground.

When building a home, you will need all the following in abundance: time, tenacity, patience, trust, a realistic budget, plus a decent contingency reserve, clear and achievable ideas, knowledge of the industry and the mind-boggling myriad of rules, warranties, insurances and laws. Not to mention excellent communication skills and an open mind. Oh, and a builder.

Here’s some tips on how to ensure you make the right choices with your next build:

Find a trustworthy builder

Don’t be afraid to ask around – word of mouth from experienced people is so valuable in choosing the right company.

Be realistic about your time frame 

Rome wasn’t built in a day… and residential homes aren’t either. Expect at least three months to elapse between initial contact and on site action from your builder – but this wait means more preparation for any hiccups along the way.

Be realistic about the real-world price

Far from the wonderful world of TV renovation shows, the real-world cost of extensive variations to building contracts midway through a project can be huge. Make sure you know what you’re paying for, and have reparations, just in case.

Be clear on what you want 

Your relationship with your builder can extend up to 2 years, so be respectful, polite, and communicate well. If you’re building with a partner, make sure to discuss your ideas before sitting down with a builder – their time is money!

To be involved on site or not to be involved?

Trust that you’ve done all the above and your builder knows what they’re doing. Being involved in the build is important, but becoming over-involved can be a slippery slope. Be regular in your communication with your builder, and enjoy the process!

Choosing the right community

Before you build, choosing the right estate is vital. Atlantis Beach is a master planned, private coastal estate in the heart of Two Rocks. All home sites are only minutes to the ocean, established shops and restaurants. With lots up to 600m2, there are lots to suit everyone. Plus, purchase any lot remaining in our Blaxland Release, and receive our Buyer Advantage Bundle worth up to $12,000*!

*terms and conditions apply

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