The Interior Of A Beach Property In Two Rocks, Wa

Building Your Beach Property

Of all the pristine, picturesque coastal locations in WA, Two Rocks, surely offers the best of everything – but we may be a little biased! Wherever you choose your slice of beach property paradise, here are some tips on building your beach property for longevity and quality in Two Rocks.

The luxury of the ocean, its lifestyle, and the sea breeze are undoubtedly worth it, but building a home among the UV, salt, lashing winds, and exposure to the elements there unique building requirements that need special consideration.


Material Selection

Inside and out, durable materials that minimise cleaning and maintenance are your ideal options.

Natural, untreated materials perish faster, so use galvanised steel, marine-grade steel, and powder coatings on aluminium door and window frames.

Your roof is the main protection against the weather, so it needs to stand up to the job. Ideal materials are Colorbond Stainless Steel or Colorbond Ultra, which also elevates your street appeal and can be used for walls, downpipes, and gutters.

Windows may also need tint or glazing to protect from UV damage and improve soundproofing – as nice as the sound of breaking waves can be, you may like to reduce the volume.

Take care of the exterior with sealants to minimise degradation to painted surfaces, especially the most vulnerable parts like corners, windowsills, and ledges.


Plan and Layout

If you’re lucky enough to have a view of those breaking waves on the Two Rocks coast, you’ll want to design your home so you can enjoy them from as many aspects as possible! A few things to consider in your design are height restrictions with the council and elemental protection such as windshields and shutters.

Discuss with your builder ways to manage the strong winds, whether that be a sturdy window and roof frames or other structural elements, the thickness of window glazing, angling the home orientation to reduce wind pressure or carefully selecting plants and landscaping to provide wind barriers.

The salty air your house is subject to also affects anything you keep outdoors, like your car. So, it would be very practical to include an enclosed carport or garage to protect your vehicles, as well as a sealed storage area for your beach equipment.

To seamlessly move from beach to home, include somewhere to raise equipment before storage and the practical luxury of an outdoor shower.



Regularly wash and wipe surfaces to prevent sand and salt build-up, this includes exterior walls every six months. Annually, inspect the exterior with the help of a contractor to spot early signs of repair to prevent them from becoming bigger issues later on.

When you’ve got the right materials from the start, it’ll make your job much easier when it comes to maintenance.


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