A Modern House And Land Package With A Spacious Backyard And Beautiful Landscaping.

We all know about the benefits of living in a beautiful beachside bungalow – it’s calming, peaceful and the scenery is unbeatable. The coastal lifestyle is something many of us dream about.

If you are one of the ones fortunate enough to enjoy stunning beachside living, celebrate it by decorating your house in coastal chic décor. If you want to bring those beachy vibes from outside indoors, here are some interior decorating tips to get you started.

Bright, Open Spaces

When you think of the beach, you probably think of the sun, the sea breeze and the vast ocean stretching over the horizon – so why not design your beachside home with big, breezy, bright spaces in mind? White walls and surfaces are your best friends when creating a sense of light and openness around the home. Use thin, light materials for drapes to maximise light in each room – you want them to feel bright and airy.

A pop of blue, turquoise, mint or a sunny yellow will break up these gleaming white spaces, making them feel both spacious and fun. Bright, bold colours and gentle pastels both work well to complement a mostly-white room and feel free to get creative with colour pairing. Try pairing startling yellow pieces with pastel mint green ones, or a striking royal blue with a gentle sky blue.

A Mix of Textures and Patterns

A great way to achieve that laid back vibe of the beach is by mixing up your textures and fabrics. Match ornaments of glass with those of twine and don’t be afraid to pick up pieces that look rustic and weathered – after all, the sea can be rough and unforgiving. Woven accessories look great in a beachside bungalow: rugs, placemats, lampshades – just use your imagination.

Keep that chilled-out vibe going by using a mix of patterns in a room. Stripes are an obvious choice with their nautical connotations, but you can also try something a bit cheeky and tropical like a pineapple or palm leaf print. Just make sure not to use too many bold prints in one room, as they make take away from that peaceful seaside feeling– they should only be used for a pop of colour in rooms of whites and greys.

Natural Materials

Living by the sea is living closer to nature and you can capture that sense of natural wonder within the home by using natural materials. Use wooden furniture that doesn’t look too polished or processed to give off a cool coastal vibe and decorate with natural looking shells and stones. A perfectly placed starfish or coral accent can add a touch of elegance and subtle hint of the sea to any area.

Big, Leafy Plants

When you think of holidaying at a beautiful beachside resort, one of the first images that springs to mind is sipping fruity cocktails under the shade of a gently swaying palm tree. You might not be able to squeeze a great big palm tree into your living room, but oversized plants with luscious broad green leaves can still give you that feeling of a tropical island paradise.

A Beachy Breakfast Nook

Who doesn’t love going out to a beachside café and looking out at the shimmering sea while they sip their latte and tuck into a scrummy fry-up? When the beach is on your front doorstep, you don’t need to go out and spend money to enjoy breakfast by the sea. Organise an area inside or outside of your home that overlooks the sea into a cute beachy breakfast nook. Use a coastal colour palette of white, blues and yellows with your table, chairs, slip covers and tablecloth, keep it looking laid back with wooden furniture and leave the space uncluttered. A glass bottle ornament or flower vase will help tie it all together.


The best thing about coastal living is that it’s relaxing – and that’s exactly the kind of feeling you want to bring into your beachside home. Don’t overthink or over style – keep things simple and uncluttered. Make your home reflect the great laid-back lifestyle of living by the sea and enjoy your beachside haven.

Coastal Living at Atlantis Beach

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