Scenic Lake With Grass And Trees In Foreground, Atlantist Two Rocks

In Western Australia, we enjoy some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna. With beautiful bush land and sweeping coastlines, we are lucky to enjoy a state containing more than half the nation’s biodiversity hotspots.

Living in a quiet, coastal community helps get you even closer to nature. Atlantis Beach in Two Rocks provides some amazing opportunities to enjoy nature in a close and intimate way you won’t get in the city. Here are some of the great ways to get out in nature in an Atlantis Beach community.

Yanchep National Park

There are few better places in WA to experience a true Australian environment than the pristine Yanchep National Park. The area is not only rich in Aboriginal heritage, it also provides habitat for many species of birds and mammals.

The park is an ideal location for bird watching, falling within the Northern Swan Coastal Plain Important Bird Area as identified by BirdLife International. Among the great variety of bush birds and water birds in the park, you’ll find cormorants, kingfishers, egrets and even several thousand endangered Carnaby’s cockatoos.

An abundance of western grey kangaroos make an appearance during the early morning and late night hours. During the day they seek shaded areas and you may see one or two resting under a tree. Other native mammals which call the area home include the Quenda and Black-glove wallaby, but the most popular mammals to be seen in the park are the koalas. A raised walkway through the park allows an up-close view of these cuddly iconic marsupials.

It doesn’t just boast an impressive array of wildlife, the park is also home to some geological wonders too. Yanchep National Park is famous for its remarkable caves. Crystal Cave is open for tours each day and Cabaret Cave can be booked for functions!

If you like to enjoy nature on a hike or bush walk, the 10km Ghost House Trail in the park is the way to go. The name comes from the historic remains of a stone house, which has been playfully nicknamed the Ghost House. Don’t worry though, it’s not too scary – it’s actually rather beautiful. The trail is especially lovely during spring when the wildflowers are in bloom.

Yanchep Lagoon Beach

You can’t talk about living by the seaside without mentioning the most important element – the beaches. There are many beautiful beaches in the Two Rocks and Yanchep areas, but Yanchep Lagoon Beach is particularly special for getting in touch with nature. Not only is the crystal clear lagoon an ideal swimming location, perfect even for kids, it’s also a great place for snorkeling.

Whether it’s your first time out or you’re a veteran at snorkeling, the clear waters provide great visibility for the colourful array of marine plants and animals. Yanchep Lagoon Beach contains corals and anemones and is home to a range of marine fauna such as octopuses, cuttlefish, crayfish and even manta rays – which most snorkelers and divers will tell you is a truly magic animal to encounter in the sea.

The lagoon is also a popular location for beach fishing and abalone fishing. On days where the water is still and there are no strong currents, the reef is an ideal place to collect abalone. According to local fisherman, the fish are biting most on the southern side of the lagoon.

Two Rocks Marina

Another great way to get out and enjoy nature is on the back of a boat. If you want to feel the sea breeze in your hair, relax and maybe even drop a line in the water, Two Rocks Marina is the place to do it. The marina has a full range of facilities available for both recreational and commercial boats, including a complete boat servicing centre. For the real boating enthusiasts, the marina is also the location where the local Sun City Yacht Club runs family friendly boating events during summer. The marina also allows for easy access to Rottnest Island if you fancy a family day out enjoying the beaches and the quokkas.

Two Rocks Marina is touted as one of the best fishing spots in the area and is a great place to catch the local dhufish the town is famous for. At the right times of year you can even catch a tasty Salmon or a feisty Tailor. If you love sailing, do yourself a favour and lease a pen at the marina and enjoy all the benefits of boating and fishing around Two Rocks.

Atlantis Beach boasts the perfect combination of city convenience and amenities with the beauty of nature. If you’re the kind of person who feels most at home when amongst the great outdoors and would like to reap all the benefits of tranquil beachside living, check out our land for sale or our house and land packages.