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Year 3 and 4 students at Two Rocks Primary School were surprised by the size of their beetroot when it was time to harvest in their school garden recently.

“The surprise shown on their faces was priceless as they began to pull the heirloom beetroot plants out of the garden bed,” teacher Samantha Wright said.

“One of the students commented ‘it looked pretty big in the ground but when I pulled it up; I didn’t expect it to be so heavy. I hope we get to eat it in a salad or with a hamburger’.

“To compare the size with a regular beetroot, the students harvested some common beet.”

Miss Wright said Moore River Men’s Shed supplied the beetroot seedlings and other vegetables and leafy greens such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower and broad beans.

“The Year 3 to 6 students will use this produce in their fortnightly recipes where they will prepare, cook and eat together, establishing a healthy eating lifestyle,” she said.


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