A Woman Wearing A Hat And White Towel On The Beach At Atlantist, With Two Rocks In The Background.

The gentle beach breeze of a Two Rocks beach can also make way for the scorching, blistering sun, especially in the summer. With the right tips though, you don’t have to spend all Summer inside with the air conditioning blaring.

Here’s how to beat the heat this summer, while still enjoying all a Two Rocks beach has to offer. 

Slip, slop, slap…and seek

There’s (arguably) no greater advice for the Australian summer sun than the original SunSmart campaign:

  •         Slip on a shirt. There’s a difference between sun kissed and sunburnt.
  •         Slop on some sunscreen. Protect your skin from harsh UV rays.
  •         Slap on a hat. You’ll want to be able to brush your hair the following week without wincing from a burnt scalp.

Seeking shade at the beach is going to be tough. That’s why you should definitely bring your own shade, like a beach tent shelter or large beach umbrella.

Slip, slop, slap and seeking shade will help you beat the heat this summer at a Two Rocks beach.


Don’t overdo it

Beach volleyball, playing in the sand and surf with kids, tossing a ball or throwing a Frisbee – a day at the beach is often jam packed. Especially if you live far away from the surf, you may feel like a trip to the beach has to be a whole day event.

Whilst this is all fun, these beach activities could lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Our tips? Avoid strenuous exercises to keep cool in the summer heat. If you’re still wanting some outdoor sporting fun, try water polo, surfing, boogie-boarding or good, old-fashioned swimming.


Frozen treats from the esky

Make a day at the beach even more fun with frozen treats. Ice-cream, sorbet and milkshakes will delight the young ones and those young at heart, all while keeping you cool at a hot and happening Two Rocks beach. Bring an esky big, and cold enough for everyone’s drinks and frozen treats.

Tip: Freeze water bottles overnight, in the morning they’ll be frozen but will defrost throughout the hot summer day at the beach.

Frozen and cold desserts will lower your core body temperature, but aren’t a long-lasting remedy. Quenching your thirst with water regularly will keep you hydrated the best. But any excuse for ice-cream is a good one!


Get in the water

When all the above has been done, there’s only one thing left to do – take a  dip in the ocean.

Consider it a refreshing shock to the system, but in a good way. Surf, swim, paddle or wade through the cool, mesmerising waters of a Two Rocks beach. Splash around with family and friends, and get all the benefits of the calming salty waters and inviting sea breeze.


Prepare for a good day, with friends and family and all the necessities to beat the summer heat at a Two Rocks beach. When you stay hydrated and sun-smart, you’re on your way to the best beach fun Perth’s northern suburbs have to offer. Now that summer’s here, what are you waiting for?

Is the summer seaside beckoning to you? Contact Atlantis Beach today to find out more about our beachside community, house and land packages in Two Rocks.