A Pineapple With Sunglasses Sitting On The Sand, Surrounded By Two Rocks At Atlantist.

There’s nothing like a day on the beach. Relaxing waves, sea breeze, maybe a swim and then a snack on the sand… it doesn’t get any better than this.

But here in WA, we’ve got to be careful to protect ourselves from the sun. The beautiful coast is calling, and you should answer it, but first remember these simple sun safety tips.


Slap on that sunscreen – and make sure it’s the right kind

We all know our way around a bottle of sunscreen, but the key to beach sun safety is to choose the right kind. Luckily, it’s not that hard. Look for a broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen of SPF of 30 or higher and it’s no worries.

Apply at least 20 minutes before heading out, and reapply every two hours or after taking a dip in the waves. If you work up a real sweat, you should also reapply (even if you didn’t go in the water).


Bring clothing you can use to cover up

With our UV ratings the way they are, the safest thing to do is cover up when you can. Pack a long sleeve shirt and pants in the beach bag. Putting them on is the best form of sun protection you can get! And besides, you might be thankful for them towards the evening or when the wind picks up. 

Wearing long sleeves into the water is also encouraged, and wetsuits should always be longsleeve.


Wear a hat

When it comes to beach hats, it’s the bigger the better. Get something broad-brimmed. You can pull it off. Plus, it’ll help protect your eyes, nose, neck and ears which are common spots for skin cancer to develop.


Rock those sunnies all day long

Try not to forget your sunnies at home! Your eyes are vulnerable to UV just like your skin is. The good news is, when you wear sunnies with a hat you can eliminate up to 98% of UV radiation exposure to the eyes.

Look for shades that offer UV protection. Remember, polarised and UV protection are not the same thing so make sure your sunnies do the UV bit.


Seek the shade

Make like a kangaroo and bask in the shade when you can. 

Trees and shade structures are great if they’re around, but it’s best to bring your own shade. Pack an umbrella to complete the classic beach picnic look, or bring one of those neat little  shade huts to relax in.

If you’re really serious you’ll bring one of those awesome fold-out awnings to give yourself some serious real estate by the sea.


Now go enjoy the beach!

You’re armed with the essential sun safety info so get out there now and have a good time. 

Speaking of beachside real estate, Atlantis Beach is offering house and land packages in Perth WA that are affordable and right near the sea. Think about it – you could be having that classic beach picnic every afternoon or evening for the rest of your life. Not bad.