A Man Fishing On Atlantis Beach, With The Ocean Waves Crashing In The Background.

Are you one of those people who can toss in a line, anytime, anywhere? If so, Atlantis Beach & Two Rocks is the place for you! Located right on the Indian Ocean and just 45 minutes from Perth, this has become a fishing hotspot.

No Boat, No Problem!
Unlike many places, you won’t need a boat to have fishing success in Two Rocks, you can fish right from the shore. Plentiful reefs north of the Marina draw all kinds of fish. At certain times of the year you’ll find more Dhufish than you’ll know what to do with. Summer is a great time for Tailor fishing; if you’re lucky you might even reel in a ray or shark.

While most fishing spots are within easy walking distance of Atlantis Beach, there are a few that require 4WD vehicles to obtain access. If you’re willing and able to put in the extra work, you’ll be rewarded with fairly solitary fishing. “The Spot” is a favourite and can be found about 2K south of the Marina.

Pack Up Your Rods And Reels And Head To Atlantis Beach 
If you’re tired of packing up for a weekend fishing trip or waiting in the queue to launch your boat on a weekend, it’s time to consider a move to Two Rocks’ Atlantis Beach development. A short trip to the beach and you can fish until the sun goes down and be right back out there in time for sunrise.

Atlantis Beach homes range in size from 2-4 bedrooms, ensuring the right sized home for you and your family whether you’re looking for something larger or downsizing. Even better are the amenities you’ll enjoy in our community development. There will be shopping, schools, parkland, and plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbours (we promise you don’t have to share your secret fishing spots!).

Coupled with the amenities that are already established in Two Rocks and Atlantis Beach becomes the place to get away from it all, yet still be at home. Stop by our Sales Office at 1/8 Enterprise Drive to learn more about our development or visit us online at www.atlantisbeach.com.au.