Neptune'S Cafe At Atlantis Beach: A Building With A Sign, Offering A Delightful Dining Experience.

Welcome to Neptune’s Cafe, a Two Rocks gem that’s a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

A humble establishment with great food offerings and old-fashioned service, Neptune’s Cafe is a must visit if these are important to you. Enjoy a coffee with friends, lunch with family, or take in the Indian ocean views on your own, make Neptune’s Cafe your next spot this weekend.

What to expect

Choose your seat in this unassuming little location. Inside where the community cafe banter is, or outside for breathtaking views. Overlook King Neptune’s sculpture outside as you sip on coffee and catch up with friends. Expect great marina and ocean views and fun with friends and family here.

Expect a cafe experience that offers delicious, well-priced food and a relaxing atmosphere. Even your pooch can join you for brunch, provided they are on a leash. The cafe is also child friendly with baby chinos, toasted sandwiches and a grassed area for kids to play on.

Dedicated staff are ready to help and make your dining experience a delight and keep you coming back for more. Come for the food and stay for the laughter. The staff at Neptune’s Cafe have fun and banter with their customers. Looking for a place that doesn’t feel like people running a business, rather people providing food and drinks for their friends – that’s what Neptune’s Cafe’s all about.

What’s on the menu

Hearty or healthy? At Neptune’s Cafe, you can have both!

With generous serving sizes at reasonable prices – there’s no reason NOT to make this place your go-to weekend brunch spot.

Indulge in a range of cafe classics or take in your seaside surroundings with a fresh serving of classic fish and chips. For the late risers craving a hearty breakfast, you can’t beat their all day breakfast menu, packed with all your breakfast faves.

What the locals say

Those who have experienced Neptune’s Cafe know you’re guaranteed to find unbeatable service and great food. One of the best breakfasts in Perth according to a Facebook review.

Don’t forgot to say hi to King Neptune himself, in all his limestone glory sitting atop a sand dune – a true Two Rocks icon since 1982.

Many people on TripAdvisor appreciate the vibes of Neptune’s Cafe, which is relaxing, pleasant and comforting – all synonymous with the beachside lifestyle.

Now you’ve heard it from us, you may as well check it out for yourself. With plenty of options for the whole family, or maybe just a sole venture – make Neptune’s Cafe your next spot for coffee and lunch.

Want Neptune’s Café to be your local? Contact Atlantis Beach today to secure your Two Rocks House and Land and have weekly brunch with friends under an hour away from Perth.