Aerial View Of Atlantis Beach Residential Area.

First home buyers Denise Kuhn and Corey Lenz hope that the new train line to Yanchep will have a positive impact on the value of the new home they plan to build at Atlantis Beach Estate in Two Rocks.

Denise (aged 23) and Corey (aged 26) have just bought a 450sqm lot in the Constellation release at Atlantis Beach for $189,000.

According to Denise, the couple bought into Atlantis Beach because they would see the huge potential of the Estate moving forward.

“This is our first step on the property ladder and our new home at Atlantis Beach is as much about creating future wealth as enjoying the wonderful coastal lifestyle Two Rocks offers.

“Corey and I did a significant amount of research before buying into Atlantis Beach.

“We currently are renting in Wanneroo and searched a large number of new housing estates in the northern suburbs before we settled on Atlantis Beach because of the great value for money it offered.

“Overall, we believe we saved over $70,000 in buying our 450sqm lot at Atlantis Beach compared to similar sized lots in nearby Estates.

“We believe that when the new train line to Yanchep is completed in 2021, it will have a positive impact on property values at Atlantis Beach because it is a short travelling distance from the Estate to Yanchep.

“The social infrastructure in Two Rocks is improving all the time and we believe that the Estate will become even more popular when this train station is completed at Yanchep.

“We are both very appreciative that at a young age we are able to build a brand-new home with Home Group WA close to the beach we are confident that our new home will appreciate in value over the coming years as more people move into Atlantis Beach.

“I am sure that in a few years when property values in the Estate are much higher, Corey and I will look back and realise that building our first home at Atlantis Beach was one of the best decisions we have every made as a couple,” she said.