An Aerial View Of A Beach And Ocean At Sunset, With Two Rocks Resembling The Mythical Atlantis.

Living by the beach offers a lifestyle different to the inner-city bustle and suburban routine.

We’ve compiled a list of things you’ll only understand if you live within walking distance to a beach. From evening walks, to being a hit with your friends – living by the beach has a lot of perks.


  1. Your summer fun never stops

You have the best summer. In fact, you have the best spring, winter and autumn, because the beach is always fun and it’s always close.

With such a short distance between your house and seaside splendour – you basically live at the beach, even when it isn’t summer. Romantic deserted beach walk with blankets anyone?


  1. Your kids have a healthy glow

Have kids? They’re probably cute little beach babes. You, too, probably rock a gorgeous glow.

Just be careful not to glow too much. There’s nothing healthy about hours of sun baking!

With that in mind, always remember to slip, slop and slap!


  1. People always come to you

Your loved ones always flock to your house! Not because they love you though, because of how close to the beach your house is.

Summer is coming – be prepared for friends wanting to pop by, and people hinting for Christmas festivities at yours. If you’re living by the beach or on the gorgeous Two Rocks coast, can you really blame them?


  1. You’re healthier

Walks along the beach at any given convenience are the norm to you. Even a casual daily stroll along the soft sand will be sure to get you toned and healthy in no time (or at least feeling like you are).


  1. You can’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t like the beach

Seriously? Do they not like air either?


  1. You’re in a better frame of mind

The ocean is pretty powerful and you know it!

It can contribute to your frame of mind too. Because let’s face it, what’s better than a sunrise stroll to start your day off right?


  1. You’ve never been so ‘at peace’

Since living by the beach, you’re less stressed and feel pretty ‘at peace’.

It’s not surprising… Studies suggest that living by the beach is better for your health. Natural water environments can be used to promote human health and well-being. A seaside environment may reduce stress and encourage physical activity.


  1. You can’t imagine living anywhere else

With nothing between you, the sun and the rolling waves, why would you want to live anywhere else?


  1. You never get bored of your view

In Western Australia, we have some of the most beautiful ocean sunsets the world has ever seen. Could you ever get bored of those? Never!


If you live by the beach, we’re sure you can relate. 

Don’t live by the beach and wish you could relate?

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