Kangaroos Hopping On A Golf Course At Atlantist Two Rocks.

When talking about the benefits of living in a beachside community like Atlantis Beach, the most obvious benefit is the beach itself! But there are many additional benefits of living in a beachside community and we’re here to tell you what we think are the top advantages.

Life At The Beach

Living beachside isn’t all about fun in the sun, though, admittedly, it is a big part of it. Beachside living is a way of life that extends inland and touches on all aspects of the community. When you live at the beach you’ll enjoy:

Seaside Benefits

We’ll start with the most obvious benefits – ocean activities. For those who love to spend their free time in or near the water, beachside living is a dream come true. Swimming, fishing, surfing, snorkelling, diving, boating, and simply enjoying the sun and the ocean waves are a daily part of life at Atlantis Beach. Some people are even able to make a career out of their love of the water by providing services or working at businesses that cater to these activities.

A Relaxed Lifestyle

Living near the ocean’s waters naturally relaxes people. Shirts and ties come off and everyone slows down. The relaxed lifestyle of living near the coast is particularly evident if you’re living in a tourist hot spot. You’ll be surrounded by people who are there to relax and won’t be able to help falling into that feeling yourself. Lucky for you, though, your home is on the beach and you can enjoy this lifestyle year-round.

Unique Shops and Cafes. Small specialty shops and cafes abound in beachside communities. If you want to get away from chain shops and restaurants and love little establishments that are run by locals, beachside living is for you. Just be forewarned, the shops might close up early on a gorgeous day so the owners can take advantage of beach life too!

Recreational Opportunities

Parks and reserves dot the coastline of Australia, and Atlantis Beach is no different. Parks, playgrounds, dog parks, and footy ovals all ensure there is plenty to do outside and help keep residents physically active too. ·
Outdoors Appreciation. Protected coastlines and beaches make beachside living especially meaningful for those who appreciate the natural beauty of the Australian coastline. In Atlantis Beach you have easy access to Yanchep National Park and walking trails, a koala boardwalk, and caves just waiting to be explored.

Health Benefits

A lot of the benefits of beachside living are intangible and subjective, but recent studies have found that beachside living can have some tangible health benefits too. The relaxed atmosphere can lead to decreased stress levels, and the ocean breezes bring fresh air inland keeping lungs healthy. Beachside residents also tend to be physically active which boosts health too.

Living at Atlantis Beach
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