Tired of the hustle and bustle of inner city living? All the noise and stress of the CBD can be vexatious to the spirit and leave you feeling tired and worn out. If you’re craving the quiet coastal lifestyle, perhaps you should consider the seaside suburb of Two Rocks. Two Rocks has that chilled, small town vibe without the traffic and noise pollution of the big city.

Before you set sail for the calm seas of Two Rocks, you may be wondering if the beachside life is right for you. Here are some of the benefits of quiet coastal living to help you decide.

A Sense of Peace

There’s no place more peaceful than the Oceanside. The sound of rolling waves, feeling of the sea breeze in your hair and breathtaking site of the horizon over the ocean all create a calming effect that soothes the soul. Taking a dip into the shimmering waters and breathing in the salty sea air is good for your health and gives you a sense of renewal.

Being situated away from the busy CBD means quieter roads and an overall more peaceful scenery. Two Rocks is the kind of place where you can just drop a fishing line from the marina or take a good book out to a park and just relax and bask in the peace and quiet for hours on end.

Everything You Need

Just because the streets are calm and quiet, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the things you love about CBD living. An IGA supermarket has your groceries covered with a bakery nearby for freshly baked goods. A medical centre and pharmacy will keep your family covered through the cold and flu season and you’ll find all the other necessities in the town centre, like a post office, news agency, hair salon, and liquor store.

There are local schools so your kids don’t have to travel for miles on a bus to get a top quality education. With options for both public and private schooling, your children will receive the education you always dreamed for them and enjoy the same learning opportunities as kids in the CBD.  When they’ve finished their working hard on their homework and it’s time to play, there are great parks and even a water playground nearby.

It’s not just your basics that are covered, if you love to wine and dine, Two Rocks has some great cafes and restaurants, with views that can’t be beat. From places to get a cooked breakfast and coffee to places to have a romantic dinner for two, Two Rocks has you covered for all your dining desires.

A Close Community

Anyone will tell you that one of the biggest blessings of small town living is the sense of community and comradery. Two Rocks residents enjoy a wonderful and growing close-knit community. Get to know the people in your neighbourhood with over 100 community groups in the area and fantastic places to meet, such as: the community centre, library or sports hall. With 40 hectares of new parklands and open space areas planned for 2017, there will be ample choice for any kind of social gathering.


You might think a prime beachside location comes with a hefty price tag, but Two Rocks properties are surprisingly affordable. If you want to enjoy premium seaside living for a price that will keep your wallet happy, check out our house and land packages today.