Beautiful beaches, a major marina and the community centre are not the only things to explore and enjoy in Two Rocks.

Adults and children will be happy to discover that there are also a lot of parks squeezed into this small but growing town! Here is a list of the major parks and what is to be enjoyed about them.

Constellation Park

Image: Buggybuddys

This park is situated in the Constellation release here in Atlantis Beach. It’s got climbing structures, swings, turfed open areas – and a spinning roundabout! Oh, and there’s also a large ‘jellyfish’ sensory area with interactive stations including a weather board and musical pipes.

There is also shaded seating with barbeque stations for a sizzle! This park is perfect for picnics and fun with the kids all year round.

Most of the play equipment sits in a large sand pit, but there is also a footpath circling the park which is great for walking, biking or scooting.

Blaxland Playground

The kids will love this one! Blaxland park has a towering double-treehouse with two crows nests connected by a dangling (but safe and enclosed) rope bridge.

The treehouse is perfect for bigger kids who love to explore, but there’s also a gentle slide and low swing for younger ones.

Finally, Blaxland Playground has a large grassy area for sports or just running around – and shaded seating for when the kids (and you) need to take a break.

Charnwood Park

Image: North Coast Time

The covered play area at Charnwood Park is perfect for hot and sunny days. With toys and climbing structures for all ages, it’s also got something for everyone. Kids young and old are sure to find something to challenge and entertain them among the selection of fun stations.

Charnwood Park has a massive grassy area, too. Soccer, cricket, frisbee, footy – there’s plenty of room for anything you might like to do.

Also at Charnwood is a skate park, which deserves its own entry.

Charnwood Skate Park

Scooters, skateboarders and BMX riders have got a great spot here in Two Rocks, as well.

Charnwood Skate Park offers a variety of park and street style elements to explore, all in the safe and quiet setting of our suburb.

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