Two Dogs Relaxing On Atlantis Beach.

Warm sun on your skin and sand between your toes, it’s hard to beat a day at the beach! Read on for everything you need to know about enjoying the Atlantis Beach area, from keeping safe in the water, the best dog beaches and even where you can meet sea creatures!


Staying Safe

Even if you’re a seasoned swimmer, safety in the water is something we should all keep in mind. The ocean can be unpredictable, so be sure to always take the right precautions before entering the water.

  1. Always swim between the red and yellow flags.
  2. Read the safety signs and ask lifeguards for safety advice before entering the water.
  3. Swim with a friend if you’re not a confident swimmer.
  4. If you need help, stay calm and try to attract the attention of a lifeguard or swimmer.


Best Dog Beaches

 In the hot summer months, we aren’t the only ones who feel the heat. Your dogs do too! Treat them with a trip to one of these designated dog beaches:

  • Part of Quinns Rocks Beach, Quinns Rocks, north from Tapping Way.
  • Part of Yanchep Beach, Yanchep, south from the northern end of Compass Park.
  • Part of Two Rocks Beach, Two Rocks, south of the southern groyne.


 Underwater Exploring

At Atlantis Beach, there’s endless stretches of beautiful blue water and sandy white beaches to explore. All are great for a quick dip, but some of them have that little something extra to entice those who like to go under the sea! Just a short drive away is Yanchep Beach, a location popular with snorkelers and divers. Here you’ll find sea stars, hard and soft corals, sea anemones and turban shells. Not to mention octopus, prawns, cuttlefish, crayfish, rays, old wives, and schools of bream, just to name a few.

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