A Woman Wearing Yellow Sneakers Walks On The Beach With A Dog. The Image Is Set Against The Backdrop Of Two Rocks In Atlantis.

Summer is here and that means many beach adventures are in order, but what about our furry companions? Sociable dogs are welcome at a lot of Perth beaches, and we all know they love outdoor escapades and spending time with their best pal, you!

There are a few things you need to know before you bring your dog to the beach though. Read on for some tips for bringing your dog to a Two Rocks beach for a summer outing you and your pooch will love.


Dog safety at the beach

Make sure your dog is sociable and leashed when you come into close proximity of other dogs and people. Dogs that aren’t good with other dogs or people aren’t suited to beach outings.

Ingesting lots of salty water may cause an upset tummy and hard exercise in high temperatures may lead to heat exhaustion, not just for you, but for your dog too. Be sure to bring plenty of fresh water and a drinking bowl for your furry friend.

Broken glass, hooks, coral and leftover garbage pose a danger to dogs. Be aware of your surroundings, always. Hot sand and summer heat can burn your dog’s paws and skin, so think of pet-friendly sunscreen and walking your dog by the edge of the shore.


Teach your dog how to swim

You want your dog to enjoy their time at the beach. Do this by showing and teaching them that water is fun. While some dogs are born ready to hurl themselves into water, others are a bit more wary.

So, don’t assume your dog is a natural swimmer – unless they’re a Labrador! Take things nice and easy, and encourage them to get their paws wet with you along the shoreline.

It’s also best to choose a section of beach that isn’t so choppy, as large waves, surfers and jet skis might deter your best bud.

Here’s more information on teaching your dog to swim at the beach.


BYO Poo-ch bag to the beach

Although many dog-friendly beaches provide poo bags at the entrance, it’s always good to bring your own. As a dog-owner, it’s your responsibility to dispose of their waste.

Dog poop is a problem for fish and wildlife, soil and water contamination. It’s also not very nice to step on either! Do the right (and legal) thing and pick up and correctly dispose of your dog’s waste.

Bring your own poo-ch bag in preparation for a fun and safe beach visit with your dog.


Which Perth beaches are dog-friendly?

There are many dog-friendly beaches in Perth.

Two Rocks has a designated dog beach which runs in front of Jordan street and to the immediate left of Two Rocks Marina. Yanchep Dog Beach, under 10km away from Two Rocks, is also a lovely section of coastline dedicated to pups and their humans.


With these helpful tips, you’re set to bring your beloved dog to the beach this summer. While they get to socialise, play and be with their favourite person, you’ll get the benefits of the salty breeze and peaceful beach serenity.

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