A Bus With A &Quot;Bus Stop&Quot; Sign Parked At Atlantis Beach.

Public transport is a great part of modern life. Aside from being a cheaper alternative to driving, it’s also an excellent way of seeing your suburb from a different perspective, as well as getting to know your neighbors.

Atlantis Beach estate is located only 20 minutes from Butler Train Station, and from there you can catch the 490 all the way to Two Rocks Shopping Centre. Taking just 35 minutes, you can sit back and watch the bustle of Marmion Ave dissolve into coastal paradise up Two Rocks Road.

With multiple stops along Two Rocks Road/Lisford Ave near Blaxland Ave, Gage St and Charnwood Ave, you’ll have no problem getting to where you need to be.

Kids getting to school will have no trouble – the 490C services both Two Rocks Primary School and Atlantis Beach Baptist College morning and afternoons on school days.

Click here for full route timetables and maps or here for live updates.