Two Large Rocks Standing Tall In The Middle Of The Ocean, Resembling The Legendary Lost City Of Atlantis.

Atlantis Beach estate, the affordable coastal haven in Two Rocks, is set to experience a wave of transformation with the recent approval of the proposed Woolworths Two Rocks shopping centre.

Back in the 1980s, most West Australian kids lived south of the iconic King Neptune statue, and the fantastical Atlantis marine park felt like a far-off dream destination. However, fast-forward to today, and Atlantis Beach is becoming a realistic location for families to live out their dream coastal lifestyle. With Two Rocks experiencing a resurgence, property values on the rise, and the recent approval of Woolworths Two Rocks, a new generation of Western Australian children can now make Atlantis Beach their own magical place.

The planned Woolworths Two Rocks shopping centre, set to be constructed south of the iconic King Neptune statue, symbolises the evolving face of Atlantis Beach. As the population is projected to surge from “less than over 5,000 in 2023 to over 17,000 by 2041” the community is bracing for significant change.

Two Rocks’ strategic location makes it an ideal choice for families. It’s just a short walk from the stunning coastline, offering an abundance of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The community is growing, with amenities such as the Atlantis Beach Baptist College, Cuddles Childcare, medical facilities, and parks flourishing in the area.

Woolworths Two Rocks signals an exciting new chapter for Atlantis Beach. It represents an opportunity for growth, convenience, and an even stronger sense of community in this picturesque coastal setting. Atlantis Beach estate remains a dream destination for those seeking an affordable coastal lifestyle, and with these developments, that dream is becoming a vibrant reality. So, come and rediscover Atlantis Beach estate—a place where coastal living meets convenience, unity, and endless possibilities.

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