Winter Decor Ideas

Winter Décor Ideas to Warm Up Your Home

As the skies grey, the rain drizzles down and the temperature drops, there’s nothing like cosying up in your warm home!

As well as extra blankets, turning on the heater or igniting the fireplace, there are more ways to warm up your space using some simple décor ideas.

Here are six, easy home dressing ideas to help you create the perfect winter retreat.

1.      Layers

Nothing says winter like layers, and the same is true for our home. Add rugs, throws, pillows and cushions onto the couch, beds, chairs and any seating surfaces you can find. The more layers, the better!

Choose a range of different fabrics and textures like chunky knits, wool, sheepskin, faux fur, and if you want to stay on trend, velvet is making a comeback.

Floor rugs can also bring instant warmth, which can also be layered for more texture, and curtains bring an element of cosiness into a room.

2.      Colour and Texture

Hand in hand with layers are colour and texture. You don’t need to make big changes, just bringing in a little moody colour palate and warm tones in objects like cushions, throws, homewares, towels, table and floor runners, rugs and more.

Winter is all about dark, moody tones, rich in their depth of colour, think red wine, deep grey, oranges, dark green, jewel tones or navy. Use the deep tones as your base, then add some highlights with warm whites, cream tones or lighter greys.

Mixing textures and materials among your homewares help bring a feeling of warmth, like timber, clay, textiles, candles, even a touch of a warm metallic for contrast.

When you look around your home for ways to add warmth, don’t overlook the bathroom, which can feel colder in winter months. Add some deep coloured towels, textiles, luxe floor mat, candles and pops of natural materials in your décor.

3.      Books

Winter is synonymous with curling up with a good book, making them the perfect styling prop. Stack three or more books on your shelves, table tops or decorating surfaces. Play with the layout – some vertically stacked, some horizontal. You can even top the piles with a beautiful crystal or use a novel book end.

4.      Scents

Fill your space with comforting smells for an extra homely feel during winter. As the season changes, store away the tropical, fruity scents, replacing them with elements of natural, earthy, spice.

Eucalyptus, clove, peppermint, citrus, cinnamon, cedarwood, spruce, lavender; are just some of those wintery smells.

Use candles, or bring a health benefit to your scents with an essential oil diffuser, using those with an immune or respiratory boost.

5.      Nature

Bring the outdoors in with some seasonal foliage in your vases, like eucalyptus, wattle, lavender or posies of woody herbs like rosemary.

Choose your preference of everlasting faux arrangements, or collect a seasonal bunch from your local farmers market to bring some greenery and colour into your home.

6.      Lighting

With less natural light as the days are shorter and grey covers the sky, lighting in your home is not only practical, it can play a big part in creating atmosphere in your home.

Rather than an overwhelming ceiling light, look for ways to complement the natural light of a stormy day, or bring a warm glow for the evenings with various lamps and candles (battery operated are a safe alternative you can leave on for longer) and choose warm bulbs over the cool whites, at a lower voltage.

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