Australian Flag Flip Flops And Sunglasses On Atlantis Beach At Sunset.

Soft, sandy beaches and rugged beauty, giving everything a go, and down-to-earth mateship are just some of the things that make Australia beautiful. Australia Day is fast approaching and there’s no better location than a sandy, gorgeous and magical beach setting.

For the kids, adults, and everyone in between, here are the essential items to bring to your Australia Day celebrations down by the beach.


Sun Protection at the beach

A day in the sun can wreak havoc in the following days if you’re not prepared. Keep sun smart this Australia Day by the beach with these simple must-haves:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Thongs or sandals
  • Beach towels
  • Clothing like rashies or boardies
  • Beach umbrellas/Beach tents

No one likes sunburn and heat exhaustion. So, make sure you and your loved ones beat the heat and stay sun-kissed instead. Slip, slop, slap – you can still have fun and be safe from harsh UV rays at the same time.


Food and drink at the beach

Apart from our one of a kind landscapes and larrikin personalities, we love our unique food and will put our name to any food we think is worthy. Prepare Aussie culinary favourites this Australia Day by the beach, such as:

  • Snags in a hotdog bun, or in a slice of bread if you’re a true Australian
  •  Lamingtons (yes, New Zealand, we’re claiming it!)
  • Pavlovas (yes, Germany, those too!)
  • Your favourite Smiths chips flavour(s)
  • Fairy bread
  • Prawns or fish n chips, why not both?
  • Alcohol, fruit punch and/or soft drinks

Remember to keep it clean, and don’t get messy. Australia Day should be about a celebration of what makes Australia great. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day with plenty of fresh water. Keep all food stored in a large esky too, to maintain freshness and be free (as possible) from the sand.


Entertainment at the beach

So, you’re being sun smart, you’ve been fed and watered with true Australian style…What’s next?

Whether you want things to help you relax, get the party started, or you want to get competitive, keep entertained with these beach entertainment ideas: 

  • Portable speaker(s) to listen to Triple J’s hottest 100 or other Aussie hits.
  • Volleyball and net
  • AFL football
  •  Beach cricket
  • Inflatable beach balls and rafts, boogie boards and/or jet skis

Nothing says Australia Day than a celebration by the beach. For an all Aussie experience, grab your friends, some great food, and head on down to a Two Rocks beach. Essentially, you need to stay protected in the Australian sun, indulge in Australian cuisine classics and stay entertained with beach activities. With these Australia Day essentials, you’ll be on your way to a fantastic time with friends and family at your local beach this Australia Day.


Wanting beach celebrations more often? Contact Atlantis Beach today to find out more about our house and land packages, a stone’s throw away from some of Perth’s best beaches.